HI-LIFE was established in 1980. HI-LIFE. has grown efficiently in the field of Industrial pump supplies. HI-LIFE.is a Sole Distributor of INDIA for HI-LIFE A.O.D.D. PUMPS. Make in India.
MVV precision gear PUMPS Make in ITALY.


HI-LIFE Manufacturing Co. established in 1981, by technocrat. The Co. made an adventurous, venture of Manufacturing Centrifugal process pumps. Due to customers healthy, willful cooperation has been able to put forth a latest pump. i.e. AIR OPERATED DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM IN 1993. HI-LIFE HAS SATISFIED SMALL TO LARGE SCALE INDUSTRIES with quality and economical price. Today HI-LIFE is enlisted with India's leading project consultants and large scale industries.
HI-LIFE pumps are working satisfactory in Chemical - Petrochemical - Ceramic - Dyestuff - Pesticides - Pharmaceutical and allied Industries.

TACMINA METERING PUMPS - Make in JAPAN - Smoothflow Pumps.

For 50 years ,TACMINA has specialized in manufacturing diaphragm metering pumps and water treatments, disinfection , and process equipment systems. The product we make are in active use worldwide in a wide range of leading-edge field of industry- chemical plants-pharmaceutical and food production processes .energy and environmental conservation disinfection and water treatment - for the injection and transfer of hazardous chemicals, high viscosity liquids containing slurry and hot liquids. Responding to all kind of liquid Control needs through-skilled personnel and creative technology. This is our ongoing commitment In making pumps. - TACMINA.

Main field of TACMINA product applications

Chemical Industries : Transfer / feed of raw materials , injection of additives.
Food Industries: Drink production processes , transfer of food raw materials injection of additives.
Semiconductor processes: CMP process, feed and circulation of EL chemicals.
Precision paintings: Film for FPDs and LCDs, production of photographic film and magnetic tape.
Water treatment / disinfection : Industrial waste water and sewage treatment, disinfection of city water/swimming pools/spas.
Boiler / Air conditioning: Injection of Boiler chemicals , DE oxidants , air conditioning chemicals and algaecides.

MVV precision gear PUMPS - Make in ITALY.

MVV s.r.l. is an ITALIN company specialized in design, production and sales of high precision metering pumps. With external gears. These pumps are employed in different industrial application form synthetic and artificial fibers to the metering of components, acid solution, resins , solvents , catalyzer and hot melt adhesives .The MVV production included also some high engineering products as spinning beams , spinnerets for synthetic fibers industry. static mixtures, multi outlets flow distributors and motorization for the volumetric pumps.