Air Pressure Supplied To Back Of Diaphragm By Air Control Valve Through Air Chamber. Both The Diaphragms Are Connected By A Common Shaft. Through Air Distribution System, Air Entered In To One Air Chamber Of Discharge Port - At The Same Time Opposite Diaphragm Is Pulled By Common Shaft Which Pressurised The Diaphragm, Suction Created, Draws Liquid In To Liquid Chamber Through Pump Suction Port. When Pressurised Diaphragm Peaches Limit Of Opposite Diaphragm, Liquid Is Then Pushed Out Of Liquid Chamber Through Delevery Port.

Special Features

  • Handle Abrasive & Corr0sive : Low Internal Velocity To Handle Highly Corrosive Slurries.
  • Sealess : Ideal For Handling Toxic, Corrosive And Abrasive Fluid.
  • Self Priming : Foot Valve Is Not Required, Self Priming Up To 6 Mts.
  • Explosion Proof : No Rotating Parts & Operated By Air, So Spark Less And Leak Less Also.
  • Variable Flow : By Regulating The Air Supply Provides Variable Flow Up To 45 M³/hr.
  • Optional Port Available : Top Or Bottom Discharge Port Available To Reduce Solid Handling & Gas Problem.
  • Mobile And Compact To Use Any Where.
  • Can Run Dry For Some Time Without Damage.
  • Can Handle High Viscous Material.
  • Simple To Maintain & Serviece.
  • Pump Can Withstand Temperature Range Of 0-150 ° C.